Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jon Rappoport Consulting Services

"For the past 15 years, I've worked with many private clients, mostly by telephone. The core of this work remains the same:

NOTE: For additional backgrounders on Imagination and its key role in individual power, click here.

"How does a person use the power of imagination to create the future he/she desires?

"It always comes back to that.

"You can try to tap-dance around this question, and eventually you'll wind up right in the middle of it, because at a deep level, we all know the answer is what we are looking for.

"You can try to drive a car without turning the ignition key, but sooner or later you'll realize you're postponing the inevitable.

"There are two astonishing forces operating in the human being: desire and imagination.

"The first can be approached this way: what do you REALLY want?

"The second: how do you conceive of getting it?

"If either force is shut down, you remain at the starting gate.

"The purpose of my work is to liberate both forces.

"Let me clarify this situation by offering a negative example. Year after year, a person labors at a job or runs a business he really doesn't care about. He knows there is something more. But he convinces himself he has to remain in the same place, and he believes if he can just solve the problems connected with the job or business, everything will be all right.

"However, it doesn't turn out that way. Instead, for every problem solved, two more seem to appear. This is frustrating and stressful, to say the least.

"Well, it turns out that problems are evidence of the fact that the person isn't plugged into the two great forces—desire and imagination. In other words, unending problems are exactly what happen when he is pursuing a course that veers away from his true desire and imagination.

"He feels he has turned into an eternal problem solver, and he begins to believe his only option is to become a better solver.

"This is an illusion.

"There is a better way. It takes commitment and courage, but everything in this world requires commitment. So why not travel along the road toward profound fulfillment of desire?

"Imagination is much more than formulating a plan that will achieve a goal. It's an infinite capacity that makes the pursuit of desire larger, more comprehensive, more thrilling; it fleshes out aspects of desire that are hidden and submerged. It increases the size and scope and energy of life itself.

"These are the directions I take in my work.

"Feel free to contact me at:"

NOTE: Click here for additional backgrounders on Imagination and its key role in individual power.


About Jon Rappoport:

Jon Rappoport has been pursuing several careers for the last 30 years: investigative reporter; painter, novelist, lecturer, seminar leader. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize early in his career, Jon has written for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. He is the author of Logic and Analysis, a course for high school students. His books include The Secret Behind Secret Societies, The Magic Agent, and The Ownership of All Life (kindle version here).

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