Saturday, August 4, 2012

Martial Law Shakes Hands With The US Vaccine Program

On the Robert Scott Bell Show (Aug 2, 2012), Jon Rappoport and Robert Scott Bell talk about the far-reaching implications of US Department of War's involvement in the US Vaccine Program -- dubbed the "Blue Angel" project administered by DARPA. The ability to produce vaccines at a much faster rate using tobacco plants instead of chicken eggs. A new technology of "clinical trails in a petri dish" to replace "clinical trails in humans". The use of rapidly produced vaccines as a "defensive weapon system" and an example of a possible scenario that would prompt its deployment as a covert "offensive weapon system".

Click here to listen to the podcast -- go to the "1hr 4min" mark.

Click here for the background article on this subject.

Click here for the Robert Scott Bell Archives.

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